Cardinal Connell drops court case.

The Irish Times reports:

Former archbishop of Dublin Cardinal Desmond Connell, has withdrawn an attempt to stop documents handed over by his successor from being considered by the Government's inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese.The withdrawal of the legal challenge avoids a potentially bitter court battle involving Cardinal Connell and current Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.The judicial review at the High Court in Dublin was struck out today after lawyers for the two clerics agreed to seek a resolution.The proceedings arose from an order by the Commission of Investigation into Clerical Sex Abuse last December compelling Dr Martin to produce to the commission all documents listed by him in an affidavit of discovery of June 2006.That affidavit listed documents dating from 1975 to 2004 relating to claims of child abuse against a representative sample of 46 priests in the archdiocese.

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