If there's one thing CEO-of-Self Herman Cain is sure of -- well, right after regressive tax policy -- it's his position on abortion. While some have accused him of oversimplifying difficult policy questions, the Hermanator's views on abortion are not susceptible to such criticism. Three months ago, in a little-noticed interview with John Stossel, Cain revealed his logically innovative view of the matter:Which reminds me. That's just the kind of rationality bomb voters can expect from the self-inspirer-in-chief. As readers of This Is Herman Cain! by Herman Cain know, when it comes to the life issues, Herman Cain has thought of everything.

Just as Sundays were family time when [my wife] Gloria and I were growing up, they remain so to this day. In fact, in 2011, because I had to leave Atlanta on Sunday, June 12, in order to prepare for the New Hampshire debate the next day, Gloria decided to cook me Sunday dinner on Saturday. The kids came over with the grandkids and Gloria prepared a fork-tender roast, collard greens, green beans, candied yams, hand-shucked corn, and homemade cornbread. That's the meal I want on my deathbed -- that is, if I can still eat. [This Is Herman Cain! by Herman Cain, p. 40]

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