Is Cain able?

According to a new CBS News poll, CEO of Self Herman Cain is tied with Mitt Romney for the lead in the race for the GOP nomination. Republicans think Romney has the best shot at beating Obama, but, considering Cain was polling at 5 percent two weeks ago, he must be profoundly self-inspired by the turnaround. And now that he's made public his analysis of the Occupy Wall Street protests, surely it won't be long before he overtakes Romney.

He doesn't have facts to back that up, he can't prove the conspiracy he alleges, but why should he have to? He has experience. Yes, business experience, but not just. No, as Republicans continue this difficult discernment process, they'd do well to keep in mind the special sort of experience that only Herman Cain can offer.

In Omaha, when I began writing books and giving speeches, I needed a sub chapter S incorporation to separate those activities from my work at Godfather's. The company I formed was called T.H.E., Inc. I came up with that name when, after giving a keynote speech to a large audience, I overheard two ladies talking: "Wow," one of them said, "what a speech by Herman Cain!" And the other lady said, "That wasn't a speech, it was an experience!" And that's how I came up with T.H.E., for The Hermanator Experience. [This Is Herman Cain! by Herman Cain, p. 81]

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