Buried Treasure

Miles, Live

Miles Davis Quintet
Live in Europe 1969
The Bootleg Series Vol. 2
Sony—Legacy Records, $49.98


When it comes to musical rediscovery, this is nothing less than a golden age. Consider the treasures unearthed in the past few years alone. Pop fans have been rewarded with the release of the Beach Boys’ legendary, unreleased Smile project of 1966–67; country fans have precious, previously unheard Hank Williams tracksto sift through; and devotees of Barbra Streisand are enjoying a wealth of once-sequestered gems. The list goes on, spanning genres, with little slowdown in sight. The rule seems to be that if any significant music was ever recorded in the studio or in live performance—and obviously far more than we ever imagined has been—it will eventually be released for general consumption.

Case in point: Once, not a single officially released note existed from the mythic ensemble that Miles Davis led through the bulk of 1969, a fertile period that found the famed trumpeter and bandleader radically sculpturing jazz to his own image. But with the arrival of Miles Davis Quintet: Live...

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Steve Futterman has written about jazz for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Rolling Stone and for the past two decades has contributed the weekly "Jazz and Standards" listings for the New Yorker.