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Encountering Jesus

I suspect the number of Commonweal readers out here in my particular part of Northern California may number in the single digits. Nevertheless, for those of you living within driving distanceof Concord, CA (about 25 miles east of Oakland, CA), let me offer an invitation to a new Adult Formation program my wife and I are facilitating.It's called "Encountering Jesus" and the idea is to look at various images and understandings of Jesus in the history of the Church that have powerfully shaped Christian prayer and spirituality. The hope is not merely to impart information, but to allow for the kind of reflection that can deepen our lives of prayer and draw us closer to Jesus.The themes for the sessions as as follows:January 22 Messiah Jesus The Jesus of PaulJanuary 29 Servant, Teacher, Prophet, Son The Jesus of the GospelsFebruary 5 God from God, Light from Light The Jesus of the CouncilsFebruary 12 Sell All You Have Jesus and Religious LifeFebruary 19Let My People Go - Jesus the LiberatorFebruary 26, 2013 Mystical Body - Jesus in the LiturgyClick here for driving directions.



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Wonderful initiative, Peter; I appreciate the order of topics.Are you suggesting readings to accompany the sessions?

Have you read Anselm Grn's IMAGES OF JESUS - a 2002 Continuum book which I found very enlightening?

I wish I lived within driving distance. This would be the makings of a fine book, istm.

Peter: if it is successful, you might try to get the program repeated at the Cathedral.

No historical Jesus stuff? Maybe some talks by JP Meier ... .....

Any possibility of taping it?

Thanks for the feedback folks!Bob: not requiring any reading in advance although I may suggest some follow-up readings. My track record in getting people to read things is not very good. But I see one of my roles as a catechist as distilling the results of good scholarship into a form that is accessible. So we'll keep trying.Ann: I used my cell phone to record last night's session. Need to edit it a bit and convert from .wav to .mp3 format. We'll try to get them posted on the parish site at some point.

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