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Celebrating a New Journal

Notre Dame's Institute for Church Life has launched a promising online journal to be published quarterly: "Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization." The editor, Timothy O'Malley describes in the inaugural issue the vision that inspires the undertaking:

Pastoral theology is the theological art of analyzing how we believe, celebrate, and live the Gospel in our parishes, schools, and dioceses in such a way that all are called to contemplate the wondrous love revealed in the Christ. It includes a methodological examination of how the Church manifests her faith in Christ through catechesis, liturgy, spiritual formation, and service to the poor, all of these carried out in the context of contemporary culture and society. Thus, the field of pastoral theology encompasses a continued enrichment of our knowledge of Christian revelation (the Scriptures and Tradition), an opening up of our imaginations to the mystery of love revealed through these signs (especially in liturgy), and a re-commitment to the life of self-gift made possible through this intimate knowledge of God (the vocation of mission intrinsic to Christian life). We believe that a renewal of a robust pastoral theology, particularly in ministerial formation among both the ordained and lay, may become a catalyst to the new evangelization.

Among the regular contributors to the Journal are Larry Cunningham and John Cavadini. One of its salient features is the use of art, in the conviction that the aesthetic is an integral dimension of the proclamation of the Good News. One of the art works featured in the first issue is Giotto's Crucifixion.

Giotto crucifixion-l

The Journal is free and may be accessed here.

About the Author

Rev. Robert P. Imbelli, a priest of the Archdiocese of New York, is Associate Professor of Theology Emeritus at Boston College.



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OK, I had time to look at it today, and I have only one question: Who is paying for it?It's a very big, glossy, lavishly illustrated journal, saying really nothing new, all from a single point of view, and being given away for free. It's promotional literature. The question is, who is behind it financially. No ads, no subscriptions.

Thanks for the web-link Fr. Imbelli. I see most comments regarding the new evangelization are over on Cathleen Kavenys thread.

Rita, I'm responding to you as editor of the journal. It is paid for by the Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. We chose not to have ads and subscriptions, because as an academic institute, we wanted to establish an identity before we began to seek advertising. It's fairly normal for academic journals to not include an array of advertising, since one is beholden to the message of your advertisers. We also chose not to require subscriptions, because we wanted to make something available to a wide swath of people. This is part of the theological outreach of our Institute. If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact me directly through my email address at the University. I tried to locate yours, but this was a herculean task.

you may contact me directly through my email address at the University. I tried to locate yours, but this was a herculean task.If you hover your mouse over the name of a commenter on dotC, their email address should appear. If you click on the name, your machine should be configured so that you are immediately composing an email to them.

Thank you, Claire!

I clicked the link in the opening post. It took me to the site, I guess. I clicked on something about Why is Mary Weeping, and saw crude drawings and many ads.

^You have to actually click on the journal; you clicked on an ad on the hosting site. The journal doesn't have any ads.

Thanks, Abe.

Thanks for the information about the journal, Tim.It's so nice to know you read the blog!

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