The bishops, burdens of war & a plea for cartoons

A Sign Of Things To Come?

I was very impressed with Timothy P. Schilling’s brief but comprehensive article about the rich history of the American College of Louvain and its impending closure (“End of an Era,” March 25). He captured so well the essence of the Louvain experience, which I myself shared in the earliest days of the English-language faculties of philosophy and theology. It strikes me and other alumni of the college as sad that this richness will be lost, both for the American Catholic Church and the Belgian/Leuven community. It is ironic that the closure was announced in the same year that John Henry Newman was beatified. His attempt to establish a Catholic university in Ireland, modeled on the Louvain experience, was frustrated in part by the Irish bishops. I too hope, with Schilling, that “the closure of the American College is not a sign of things to come, with only the largest or most rigorously ‘orthodox’ seminaries allowed to continue.” That would be sadder for the church than the failure of Newman’s project in Ireland.

(Rev.) David J. Norris
Fresno, Calif.


A Bargain

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