51: tail wagging dog again?

The Likudization of U.S. Foreign Policy?Now don't get upset! Last I pointed to Netanyahu's influence on U.S. policy by using the L work (Likud), some of you got very upset. But many people seem to have been harboring the same thought.Roger Cohen, NYTimes columnist, uses it to describe the extra-judicial killings being deployed by the U.S. in Terrorland (which is almost everywhere), and he surmises that the recent explosions in Iran are part of this "silent" foreign policy being executed by the U.S. and Israel.He writes: "In general, its hard to resist the impression of a tilt toward the extrajudicial in U.S. foreign policy a kind of Likudization of the approach to dealing with enemies. Israel has never hesitated to kill foes with blood on their hands wherever they are. This is a development about which no American can feel entirely comfortable. So why do I approve of all this?" More HereGary Sick has some important questions on the policy. HT: Mondoweiss

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels is a former editor of Commonweal. 

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