Will they worship together?

This from TPM: Sonia Sotomayor, just named SC nominee is Catholic--according to Beliefnet (they should know) a practicing Catholic. She joins five other Catholics: Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy.http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2009/05/religion_and_the_court.php?ref=fpblg(A) Just proves Catholics are all over the place, or(B) The end of civilization as we know it, or(C) Your choice.Already some of the inevitable pondering of sheep entrails:http://blog.beliefnet.com/stevenwaldman/2009/05/this-just-in-sotomayor-is-cath.htmlDoug Kmiec on the appointment: touches many of the relevant points.http://ncronline.org/news/people/judge-sotomayors-experience-trumps-all

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