Who I'm Voting For

The case for Kerry

Why am I supporting John Kerry? Because despite the decency, fairness, and generosity of our people, America has never been more feared and despised in the world than it is today.

Because future generations of Americans are now saddled with budget deficits so crippling, their opportunities for financial security are gravely imperiled.

Because the United States has now proclaimed a new foreign policy, the Bush Doctrine, which embraces a theory of “preemptive war,” even when the United States has not been threatened with attack, as in the case of Iraq.

Because as a nation we are less equal, less prosperous, and less secure than we were just four years ago. Indeed, we are more divided, more vulnerable, and more impoverished. While this is not altogether the fault of George W. Bush, no other individual bears greater responsibility.

John Kerry was not my first choice to be the nominee of the Democratic Party. He wasn’t even my second choice, primarily because of his confusing stance on the war. Enough was known at the time about the intentions of the Bush administration to warrant a refusal to grant them the authority to invade Iraq. It was already evident that an invasion would squander the support of most of our allies and risk the precarious gains we had made in the war on terror. Yet Kerry made his choice, and his subsequent explanations for that vote have been wanting both in clarity and...

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About the Author

Thomas Higgins writes from San Francisco.