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Leslie Gelb former New York Timesman and no raving liberal has taken note of the Neo-conservative's push for war with Iran.Here are his opening lines: "Theyre back! The neoconservatives who gave America clueless, unpaid-for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus a near doubling of military expenditures, during the Bush years have risen from their political graves. Someone, maybe a media tiring of President Obamas interminable plight, pulled the stake from their heart. Now theyve returned to the op-ed pages, the talk shows, the think-tank discussions, and the advisory ranks of Republican presidential candidates.

"Once again, the neoconservatives mount their steeds. They hint that we need another war or at least a little military strike, this time against Iran. Theyre pushing to increase military spending; the China threat, you know. Theyre also trying to further weaken Obama by charging that hes losing Iraq to Iran by not keeping U.S. forces there (without mentioning, of course, that Iraq is throwing them out)." Whole thing here.

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels is a former editor of Commonweal. 

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