True believers and angry atheists

In thinking about evangelizing in this culture, it may be important to hear why non- believers-- who are also non-atheists-- do not hear religious faiths as bearing "good news. " This essay by Eric Weiner in last weekend's New York Times, I think, captures one set of reasons why one group of people find it hard to join organized religion. 1) They are turned off by the marriage of religion to American political life; 2) they are deeply uncomfortable with a spirituality of certainty in a time when it appears we have more questions than answers about the universe; and 3) they don't like humorless scolds.So what would the Commonweal blog recommend Mr. Weiner to read by Catholics about Catholicism? What do we have to offer that is 1) non-political, 2) that emphasizes the greatness of God and the contingency of human knowledge in a sense of wonder, or 3) which is, well, funny or values humor. Let's make a reading list.I'll start--and yes, I'm picking the easy one--but it's my post.Fr. Jim Martin, S.J.'s Between Heaven and Mirth.

Cathleen Kaveny is the Darald and Juliet Libby Professor in the Theology Department and Law School at Boston College.

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