From St. Mary’s College: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the magazine. I would never have known that this magazine existed if it were not for a longtime subscriber. Thank you.”  

From the University of Notre Dame: “Keep up the good work! Thanks for being a voice of catholic (yes, I mean with a little “c”) encouragement.”

Nearly 40% of Commonweal subscribers say they started reading the magazine during school—by far the most significant source of future readers we have ever discovered. It is critical to Commonweal’s future to continue to reach active, engaged, well-educated younger Catholics at a point in their lives when they are forming their reading habits, and exploring their faith and future commitments from many different points of view.

Thanks to the College Subscription Program, more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year receive a subscription to Commonweal through the courtesy of generous individual donors. Our college program coordinator works with campus ministers and faculty in theology and religion programs to identify students whose religious involvement and academic interests make them high-potential future Commonweal readers. And in fact, the comments we receive each year from these students suggest that Commonweal has already become a welcome part of their intellectual lives.

To support the program, simply indicate on the form below how many subscriptions you want to provide. Subscriptions in this program are available at the significantly discounted rate of $20. The minimum number of copies we are able to support is five ($100). If you have any other questions about the College Subscription Program, please contact KeriLee Horan.

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