Summer Movies

I have been to two movies in the theater in the past two weeks (foreseen and intended side effect of living two blocks from the theater). SPOILERS AHEADThe first was Toy Story 3, the last installment in the beloved Disney Pixar animated saga. I know this is going to be heresy, but I didn't like it very much--it was too frightening. There was an evil "boss" of the day care who initially appeared avuncular and kind to the protagonist toys, but who was the model of unredeemed evil. (Even after the toys save his life, he betrays them.) And at one point, all the toys hold hands, as they contemplate what seems to be certain, gruesome death by fire. The seven-year-old with me was fine--she said, "Don't worry--it's just pretend!" But of course, it's not--it's all too real, for too many people. It should be rated G for kids, and R for adults. Somehow, it's more frightening because it's done with toys.The other was Knight and Day--the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie about a Boston old car restorer on her way to her sister's wedding who gets mixed up with a secret agent. Now that was "just pretend" in all the right ways for a summer flick. Witty dialogue, romance, fantastical car chases, no gruesomeness, and bad guys that get theirs in the end. Plus great shots of Boston and the Pacific Coast and Salzburg.Yes -- I do know that my reaction is exactly the opposite of pretty much every one else to both films.

Cathleen Kaveny is the Darald and Juliet Libby Professor in the Theology Department and Law School at Boston College.

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