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In a bankruptcy reorganization plan filed March 28, the San DiegoDiocese proposed a $95 million pool to compensate 143 people who claimchildhood sexual abuse by priests.

Under the proposal 83 victims who say they were forced to havesexual intercourse could receive up to $800,000 each. Forty-four whoclaim they were touched sexually or forced to masturbate could receivebetween $176,000 and $575,000. Payments to 16 victims of abuse notinvolving touch, such as being asked to look at pornography or posingfor indecent pictures, could range from $10,000 to $175,000.

Besides the different levels of seriousness of the abuse, factors indetermining the amount of each award would include such elements as theage of the victim and the duration and frequency of the abuse.

In addition, the diocese proposed to establish a $3 million fund tosettle any currently unknown claims that might be brought forward incoming years.

Lead plaintiff's attorney Ray Boucher called the diocesan proposal"outrageous" and predicted "a long and expensive battle." Plaintiffs'attorneys have indicated that they think the settlement should be aboutdouble what was offered.

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