Poem | The Poet Retires to Plato’s Republic

(Zane Lee/Unsplash)

It’s easier here, more sensical.
One’s equity can accrue. 
Plus, my condo’s got a great view
of the military parades. 
What more is there to say? 
Having tired of all that scavenging,
those nocturne-documentaries,
the plights and fizzles, the rigmaroles,
I gave it up. I mean, what’s the point?
Does the fly escape the ointment?
Does the troubadour win his coin
if he’s brooding at the bottom
of wells? Why ring rung 
bells? If all poetry is prayer—
hell, toss the nibbled pen 
and fire off the signal flare.
Thoosh! I am done with Art. 
No more weekly scrimmage 
between Apollo and Dionysus.
No more dawn escapades. 
No more tracing the bat-screech
of noumena to its jaded cave.
Only music, not the words.
And don’t write on my grave.

Published in the November 2021 issue: 

Drew Calvert is a writer based in Claremont, California.

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