The Pakistan-US mis-alliance

Various threats from our Congress to cut off aid to Pakistan are likely to come to nothing in the short-term. Medium term will depend on what comes of U.S. Afghanistan policy. The discussion, however, has produced some interesting facts and factoids about other of Pakistan's alliances. Here are samples of the discussion.Tom (the world's not so flat as I once thought) Friedman has this in his May 11 columnLawrence Wright looks at the history of U.S. aid to Pakistan in this weeks New Yorker.Pat Lang has a diverse set of comments on the issue.Elizabeth Rubin in the NYRB.One possible conclusion from all of this is that the U.S. is actually funding everybody: the Pakistani military and security, the Taliban, and the insurgents in Pakistan as well as all the factions in Afghanistan.

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels is a former editor of Commonweal. 

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