Not cruel or unusual: Update, update

The Supreme Court, 7-2,including all the Catholics, upholds Kentucky death penalty drugs.'s see: Will the pope be visiting Roberts et al?Update: Yup, they are. Dinner at the WH.The menu: morel-encrusted diver scallops, spatzle, angel hair asparagus bisque, veal, white truffle-potato dumplings, carrots and mushrooms, lettuces and candied pumpkin seeds, squash carpaccio, pumpkin oil vinaigrette, raspberry crisp and mint coulis. id=D90321N00&show_article=1

Barbara Update: Hmmm. I guess I'll go with the WashPost on this unless the Pope's secretary would like to weigh in here. Fine print: Breitbart actually says, dinner in honor of the Pope. All the spalsh without any of the bother!

Bill Update: looks definitive:


But still, will any of the esteemed hierarchs or clergy chat the with SC Five about this matter of not-cruel-and-unusual?


The Times has details about the decision. Steven's concurring opinion in the decision, nonetheless, argues that it is time to end the death penalty in the U.S., but doesn't look like he'll be supping with the Catholics.

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels is a former editor of Commonweal. 

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