Friday, February 27, 2009

Articles in this issue

Griefs & Anxieties

The catechetical and pastoral challenges facing the pope and bishops are daunting, making it all the more troubling that Rome is preoccupied with insular concerns.

A Different Ponzi Scheme

If nothing else, our current economic crisis has exposed the financial system’s rotten core. The various claims of efficiency, dynamism, and innovation spouted by...

An Interview with Dave Brubeck

Ian Marcus Corbin talks with jazz great Dave Brubeck about music, Catholicism, and liturgy.

The Perfect Sinner

In the 1940s, the small community of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire near Orléans had some thirteen hundred inhabitants. It was the site of a celebrated abbey church whose...

A Change Some Don't Believe In

October 28 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the election of Angelo Roncalli as Pope John XXIII. Less than three months later he announced his plan to convene a...

Blueprint for Peace

Timothy Cardinal Dolan reflects on Pope Benedict's hope-filled New Year message about poverty in light of Dolan's work with Catholic Relief Services.