More politics of the absurd (foreign policy division)

From our very own Congress: "On Nov. 5, Congress sealed the deal on whose tail is wagging whose dog by moving out of committee for a floor vote the AIPAC-promoted Iran Threat Reduction Act of 2011, which sanctions any company or government that does business with Iran, a complete sellout of the U.S. national interest to placate what is clearly perceived as an Israeli interest. As Rep. Ron Paul has noted, the bill would mean that the sale of a single Mercedes-Benz truck to Iran would result in a ban on all Mercedes sales in the United States, shutting the companys plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and adding its thousands of workers to the unemployment rolls. The act will almost certainly pass the full Congress by a nearly unanimous vote, moving the United States one step closer to war with Iran.... AntiWar.comDelivered by Philip Giraldi with a lot of soccer metaphors (lost on me, but might be of interest to some of you).And...the campaign version: Our Catholic pro-life candidate thinks Obama should help Israel bomb Iran. "At a campaign stop in Iowa, Rick Santorum questioned whether President Obama wants to be President of the United States or president of the international community and also declared that America must back up Israel in an inevitable military strike against Iran." TPM

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