Learning to See

Dangerous Surrender
What Happens When You Say Yes to God
Kay Warren
Zondervan, $21.99, 256 pp.

I first met Kay Warren over dinner at a restaurant in Boston’s North End. At the time, I was coordinating an HIV/AIDS treatment access campaign for a nonprofit human-rights organization. Warren is the wife of the famous Evangelical pastor and author, Rick Warren. His best-selling The Purpose Driven Life had topped most records for nonfiction sales in the United States, yet most of my friends and colleagues had never heard of it. I had approached the meeting with the hope of discovering some common ground with Kay Warren in terms of political goals. She was not interested in talking politics, or in working with a secular human-rights organization, but she was interested in sharing our stories. Her narrative was a compelling one about how God had reached down and “seriously disturbed” this famous pastor’s wife.

Dangerous Surrender details her journey from “comfortable” ignorance to a heartbreaking awareness of third-world suffering. While tracing her personal journey, Warren guides readers through ever-deepening stages of surrender in their personal relationship with God, a process that she promises will awaken them to the purpose of suffering in their lives and move them toward Christ-like compassion and response to the suffering of others. Warren, who lives in Orange County, California, writes primarily for well-to-do American Christians. Her point is to help them rearrange their comfortable lives,...

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About the Author

Eileen Campbell is a grass-roots organizer who is pursuing a master’s degree at Harvard Divinity School.