Via John Allen at NCR: the Vatican's statement on the findings of the "visitation" of the Legion of Christ. I find it puzzling in parts, but I'm guessing that has to do with the translation. Here's a key excerpt:

The Apostolic Visit was able to determine that the conduct of Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado has caused serious consequences in the life and the structure of the Legion, which requires a path of profound revision.The extremely grave and objectively immoral behavior of Fr. Maciel, which has been confirmed by irrefutable testimony, takes the form of true crimes and demonstrates a private life without scruples or authentic religious sentiment. That life was hidden from the great majority of Legionaries, above all because of a system of relationships constructed by Fr. Maciel, who was adept at creating alibis for himself and winning the trust, confidence and silence of those around him, reinforcing his role as a charismatic founder.By discrediting and pushing away those who doubted the correctness of his behavior, as well as through a mistaken desire not to undercut the good the Legion was doing, they created a mechanism of defense around [Maciel] that made him immune to attack for a long time, consequently making an awareness of his real life extremely difficult.

The big question this raises, at least for me, is: have the other participants in that "system of relationships" been identified, and what will be the consequences? (And will we ever hear about it?)As for what's next for the LC and Regnum Christi, the statement says:

The Church has a firm determination to accompany them, and to help them in the path of purification which awaits them.... The Holy Father...has taken it upon himself to indicate very soon the form this "accompanying" will take, beginning with the appointment of a Delegate and a commission of study of the orders constitution.

Sounds like they're planning to maintain the order in some way. But stay tuned for details.

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