Israel's next war. And ours? UPDATE

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop IranOr I Will

Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Benjamin Netanyahu, newly minted prime minister of Israel. Well worth reading. And pondering.

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This assessment in Haaretz on an Israeli war with Iran: "In political circles the view is that yes, Netanyahu as prime minister brings Israel closer to war with Iran. Politicians in touch with Netanyahu say he has already made up his mind to destroy Iran's nuclear installations. People close to him wonder how the public would receive a joint decision by Netanyahu and Ehud Barak to attack Iran, and whether the move would boost the two men's popularity. The basic assumption is that diplomacy and sanctions will not gain a thing, and the only way to stop Iran's nuclear program will be by force, which only Israel is motivated to apply." Read the whole thing:


But then, Haaretz doesn't expect the Netanyahu government to last:

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