Iran-Israel mishappy new year

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, another reason to always double-check the "to" box of your email before you hit "send"!

JERUSALEM(JTA)-- An Iranian soccer federation official reportedly resigned after his office sent New Year's greetings to Israel.Mohammad-Manour Azimzadeh, who heads the Iran Football Federation's foreign relations office, quit over the gaffe, and the federation's president apologized, according to reports.The foreign relations office had sent New Year's greetings to all members of FIFA, soccer's global federation, but forgot to omit Israel, which is called the "Zionist entity," from its list.Israel's soccer federation replied positively to the message, according to reports.

Ah, Iran. It's not like the soccer offical sent greetings on Rosh Hashanah, the real New Year.BTW, on a more serious note, Andrew Sullivan and the Daily Dish have been all over the Iran protests, which I think is indeed one of the major stories of the year, and one of the most stirring ones as well--a portrait of the "other" Islam, if you will. I'll try to gin up a post on it, but it'd be great to see more mainstream coverage.

David Gibson is the director of Fordham’s Center on Religion & Culture.

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