Go Gamecocks

Early this summer, as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox battled for bragging rights in the American League’s Eastern Division, my home was a house divided: my eldest is an avid Boston fan, my youngest bleeds Bomber blue. When the talk between them got tough, I reminded them of another recent baseball championship in which they cheered together: the 2011 College World Series, won by the University of South Carolina Gamecocks for the second consecutive year.

That the Gamecocks’ victory occurred on June 28, a date celebrated in the southern city where I live as “Carolina Day,” was eminently fitting. Carolina Day commemorates the victory of American colonists who fended off an attack by the bigger and better-equipped British fleet near Charleston, notching the patriots’ first victory of the Revolutionary War. Similarly, the Carolina baseball team battled higher-seeded opponents all the way through the College World Series. Their victory takes its place in the annals of underdog triumphs in this state.

A year ago, in the middle of a family move from Connecticut to South Carolina, we paid scant attention to the College World Series. By this summer, however, we were all full-fledged South Carolinians, defenders rather than deriders of our state’s (many)...

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About the Author

Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill, a frequent contributor, is the co-author (with Joseph Papp) of Shakespeare Alive! and a 2010 graduate of Yale Divinity School.