Issue Discussion Guides


Looking for a way to discuss Commonweal articles in your classroom, parish, reading group, or Commonweal Local Community? With every monthly issue, we’ll provide a free discussion guide to use for one or more of our feature articles. You can find the most recent one below, and for even more discussion materials, check out our 2020-2021 Conversation Starter Series.


December 2021: ‘Struggling to Listen,’ Mollie Wilson O’Reilly (click for PDF)

November 2021: ‘The Varieties of Religious Community Today’ (click for PDF)

October 2021: ‘Sops to Humanity,’ Phil Klay (click for PDF)

September 2021: ‘Separate Challenges,’ Peter Steinfels (click for PDF)

July/August 2021: ‘There Ought to Be a Law,’ Matthew Boudway (click for PDF)

June 2021: ‘From Here to Utopia,’ David Albertson and Jason Blakely (click for PDF)

May 2021: ‘Gender, Sex, and Other Nonsense,’ Daniel Walden; and replies from Paul J. Griffiths (‘Gender & Identity,’) and Daniel Walden (‘Understanding, Not Ultimatums’) (click for PDF)

April 2021: ‘A Providentialism Without God,’ Eugene McCarraher (click for PDF)

March 2021: ‘When Texts Become Idols,’ Sarah Ruden (click for PDF)

February 2021: ‘A Dangerous Confusion,’ David Cloutier (click for PDF)

January 2021: ‘An Ambrose of Our Own,’ Nicholas P. Cafardi (click for PDF)

December 2020: ‘Many and One,’ Vinson Cunningham (click for PDF)

November 2020: ‘The New Integralists,’ Timothy Troutner (click for PDF)

October 2020: ‘Baptizing White Supremacy,’ Regina Munch (click for PDF)

September 2020: ‘Tell Them I’m a Christian,’ Kenneth L. Woodward (click for PDF)