From top left to bottom right: Kayla August, César “CJ” Baldelomar, Nicholas Fagnant, and Brenda Noriega.

Commonweal is pleased to announce the recipients of our Commonweal Synod on Synodality Writing Fellowship: Kayla August, César “CJ” Baldelomar, Nicholas Fagnant, and Brenda Noriega. These fellows are pursuing PhDs in Theology and Education from Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry. 

Kayla August’s work and scholarship focuses on preaching. She has worked in young adult ministry at Catholic institutions for over fifteen years, including time on staff at Notre Dame, Boston College, and Loyola University of New Orleans.

César “CJ” Baldelomar’s research blends critical theory and decolonial thought, exploring how the production and consumption of knowledge informs the development of ethical paradigms. He holds two law degrees and is currently a Doctoral Candidate working on his dissertation. He is also working on his first book, titled Fragmented Theological Imaginings (Convivium Press), which is part of the New Horizons in Hispanic Catholic Theology series.

Nicholas Fagnant’s scholarship focuses on how queer theology can inform ministry with LGBTQ adolescents and emerging adults. He has a bachelor’s degree from Creighton University and master’s degrees from the University of Notre Dame’s ACE program and the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

Brenda Noriega’s scholarship focuses on spirituality and faith formation processes. She earned a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Santa Clara University and is currently an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago. She collaborates in multiple national and international committees, including the International Youth Consultative Body for the Dicastery of Laity and Family Life in Rome.

Working closely with Commonweal editors, the four writing fellows will explore and report on the Synod process experience and how synodality is lived out in various regions and communities of the United States and beyond. Look for their contributions in the months to come.

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