The cover story in our latest issue, "The Cold War on Ice" by John Rodden, is an account of one young woman's experience growing up in Communist East Germany. It's long and full of fascinating detail. Since it's summer-reading season (and we're on our summer schedule, meaning you have twice as long to read this issue), I thought I'd open up a forum for discussion here. What are your impressions of the story?What stuck with me most was the loss of innocence that Ute experienced, looking back at her youth with new eyes after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was obviously painful for her to take in the breadth of the betrayal and mistreatment she had encountered, and it left her wondering what else she should question or mistrust. A grim emotional legacy.The article is available online to subscribers only. Not a subscriber? You can fix that here -- and remember that an online subscription, which gives you immediate access to everything on our Web site, is only $34. Still on the fence? Try a six-month subscription (in print and online) for just $17. Then come back and read this story with the rest of us.

Mollie Wilson O’​Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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