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Rev. Hagee on YouTube

Here's Hagee discussing the Great Whore on YouTube (HT Greenwald):[youtube][/youtube]

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Eduardo Moisés Peñalver is the Allan R. Tessler Dean of the Cornell Law School. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subjects of property and land use law.



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Makes me pine for the days of the Rex Humbard Family Singers. {barf!}

You've gotta admit it's an awesome wall chart.

Oh, my!

The best line of all: "You can say very clearly..."

The Great Whore thing doesn't bother me as much as their blasphemy in thinking that they themselves could bring on the Second Coming if they manipulate the world to match what they think is its description in Revelations. Talk about magic...

Hagee could be a stunt double for the Great Whore. He has the size!

Until I saw this, I'd never heard of this guy. I had to go look him up in Wikipedia. Sometimes living in Canada can indeed be a blessing.

Hello All,Loke John, I had never heard of the Reverend Hagee before this. And I don't live in Canada. If this video is representative, he is one strange man. And the Wikipedia entry on John Hagee appears to confirm this.Then again, I don't think anything Hagee said in the video to which Eduardo alterted us is more weird than some of the things I have seen on certain ultraconservative Catholic web sites. About a year ago I came across one web site (by accident) that was denouncing Bill Donohue (yes that Bill Donohue) for not being nearly hard enough on gay people. I used to visit these sorts of web sites once in a great while out of curiosity. I've learned I'm better off not satisfying my curiosity in this area.

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