Bad for Israel: War with Iran

M.J. Rosenberg who writes for Media Matters has been under siege primarily for opposing war with Iran. Recently he used the term "Israel Firster" to describe those American who put Israel first in their lobbying and politicking for war; he was vigorously attacked. Here he offers an explanation and further reasons that neither Israel or the U.S. should go to war against Iran."Many of the same people who pushed us into Iraq are doing the same thing with Iran. They are pressuring Congress to prevent the president of the United States from negotiating with the Iranian government. They are banning diplomatic contacts. They are (as they have for a decade) hyping the Iranian threat, in part because they want a war and, in part, because they want to use President Obama's reluctance to jeopardize lives as a tool to defeat him In November. And they are demanding that should Iran develop a nuclear bomb, we must not contain the threat (as we did with the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Pakistan, etc) but should immediately go to war." Whole column here.Former Mossad chief, Meier Dagan agrees: Ha'aretz report of his interview on 60 Minutes.

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels is a former editor of Commonweal. 

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