51st: Let those people go!

Michael Desch, professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame wants the U.S. to abstain in the Security Council next week. "Obama should threaten to abstain in this matter if the Netanyahu government continues to drag its feet in fully embracing the two-state solution, Israel's only hope for remaining Jewish and democratic."Putting an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict would be good not only for the Palestinians and the Israelis; most importantly it will also advance U.S. interests. We tend to dismiss al Qaeda's (and other radical states') embrace of the Palestinian cause as cynical rhetoric. But there is no doubt that the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands anti-U.S. sentiments, hindering our war against terrorism. Also, as the Arab Spring gives the Arab Street a great voice, it is clear that this issue resonates broadly."HT: Stephen Walt: Juan Cole gives a reasoned and sober account of PA President Abbas's announcement to seek recognition from the UN Security Council."The big problem of the Palestinians is that, being stateless, they lack moxie. Even Americans can go tomorrow to the West Bank and steal Palestinian land and resources, aided by an enormous US aid package for Israel and by unthinking, knee-jerk approval by the US government of virtually anything Israels rightwing government does, no matter how illegal in international law."If Israeli squatters move in, claim Palestinian fields, and dig deep wells that cause the Palestinians wells to dry up, what recourse do Palestinians have? They mostly cant sue in Israeli courts because those courts are premised on Zionist principles of appropriating Palestinian land and denying Palestinians statehood."Most Americans, including those who comment here at dotCommonweal, don't seem to grasp how dangerous the situation is for the United States, for Israel, and obviously for the Palestinians. A U.S. veto in the Security Council makes us a pariah state along with Israel.Patrick Lang, retired U.S. army officer and former official of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is a bit more direct:"The truth is that our Israeli masters fear and hate the Palestinians as tribal enemies and do not intend to ever deal fairly with them. All else is lies and mirrors."In humble service to the hegemon we will vote this week to destroy whatever hope there might be for American influence in the Islamic World. After that we should prepare for whatever new wars Israel may want us to fight for them."The State of Play: "RAMALLAH, West Bank The Palestinian decision to apply for full United Nations membership at the Security Council, announced Friday by President Mahmoud Abbas, was the most viable of the only options possible: surrender, return to violence or appeal to the international community, a senior Palestinian official said Saturday."

Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, a former editor of Commonweal, writes frequently in these pages.

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