Wisconsin exits.

Hope I'm not stealing Peggy's thunder, but...Here are CNN's Democratic exit polls, and here are their GOP exits.Worth noting in the Democratic race: While Clinton and Obama nearly split the overall Catholic vote, 50 percent (Hillary) to 48 percent (Barack), Clinton won the weekly-Mass-attending Catholics, 52 percent to 44 percent, while Obama took the less frequent Massgoers, 52 percent to 48 percent. Obama won the overall churchgoing vote--frequent and less frequent alike. Protestants who attend services weekly broke for Obama, 60 to 40. Less frequent Protestant churchgoers also preferred Obama, 55 percent to 45. Sure, Wisconsin favors Obama in a lot of ways (obviously), but what happened to Hillary's pillars of support? Can she recover from this rout without trouncing Obama in Texas and in Ohio? And how likely is that outcome?In the GOP "contest," McCain won the overall Protestant and Catholic vote. Huckabee won the very frequent Protestant churchgoers while McCain won all the other churchgoers (Protestant and Catholic). And everyone else. When is Huck going to concede?

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