What would FOCA do?

For a calm and serious look at the threat posed by FOCA, check out Commonweal columnist Melinda Henneberger's article for Slate. As usual, she offers sensible analysis alongside her personal take. It's all very helpful, especially as it appears in a forum where abortion rights is generally taken for granted as a women's-rights issue. But if you think you've heard enough already, I'll just sum it up with the big finish:

At the very moment when Obama and his party have won the trust of so many Catholics who favor at least some limits on abortion, I hope he does not prove them wrong. I hope he does not make a fool out of that nice Doug Kmiec, who led the pro-life charge on his behalf. I hope he does not spit on the rest of usthough I don't take him for the spitting sorton his way in the door. I hope that his appointment of Ellen Moran, formerly of EMILY's List, as his communications director is followed by the appointment of some equally good Democrats who hold pro-life views. By supporting and signing the current version of FOCA, Obama would reignite the culture war he so deftly sidestepped throughout this campaign. This is a fight he just doesn't need at a moment when there is no shortage of other crises to manage.

UPDATE: Also see the latest Commonweal editorial, just posted online, for our take on the USCCB's focus on FOCA.

Mollie Wilson O’​Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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