VOTF withdraws from CTA conference

Citing the women-priests' planned eucharistic celebration at the Call to Action (CTA) conference this weekend, the officers of Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) have decided to withdraw the from the meeting. Here's the full text of the letter from VOTF President Mary Pat Fox explaining the withdrawal:

Dear Friends,It is with deep regret that Voice of the Faithful must withdraw from the Call to Action Conference this week. We had a productive association last year with CTA. And back in the Spring when we agreed to participate in the conference this year we were focused on the goals we have in common. Since that time VOTF's participation in the CTA conference has been discussed on and off the list serves. These discussions along with recent newspaper articles highlighting the women priests' planned celebration of the Eucharist, and more media attention expected in the coming days, has led the Officers to this decision. We are a mainstream, centrist, Catholic lay organization with our mission and goals focused on working within the Church to gain the laity a voice in the governance of the Church, supporting survivors of clergy sex abuse and priests of integrity. Our obligations to our membership, to survivors and to priests of integrity require us to maintain our sense of purpose and not to be associated with issues that go against the teachings and doctrines of our Catholicism. As we have recently with Future Church on the vibrant parishes initiatives, our hope is that we can collaborate with CTA and other church reform groups on issues where we have common ground. This requires a very delicate balance. We will continue to seek that balance and common ground. Sincerely,Mary Pat FoxPresident, Voice of the Faithful

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