Tony Perkins had this great idea...

...that in the final hours of the race to represent Louisiana's 2nd District hisFamily Research Council needed to air an ad denouncing Republican Anh "Joseph" Cao--one of the more interesting and thoughtful representatives of any party--for having a "dismal record" on "our issues." And by "our issues" FRC means the gay ones. Apparently they didn't know where Cao stood on these issues when they endorsed him in 2008. Jonathan Tilove of the Times-Picayune reports:

"Who is Rep. Joseph Cao representing in Washington?" the FRC ad asks. "Cao has repeatedly voted for extra protections for homosexuals at the cost of religious liberty. Cao voted to use the military to advance the radical social agendas of homosexual activists and he voted for a so-called hate crimes bill that places your personal liberties at jeopardy."

Cao's crimes? He voted to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" and co-sponsored a 2009 hate crimes bill. How those actions risked religious freedom, the ad doesn't say. Defending the votes, Cao told the Times-Picayune: "As a former Jesuit seminarian and practicing Catholic, it is ridiculous to say that I have ever taken a position against religious liberties. I am, however, a champion of human rights and justice for all." He continued: "I believe it is a human rights violation to impose government-sanctioned penalties on a group of people just because of their sexual orientation, just as it would be a human rights violation to impose penalties on a group because of its religious affiliation or race. I will continue to fight for the protection of human rights for all people."Radical stuff.Of course, Perkins opposes Democrat Cedric Richmond too. Given that recent polling has Cao and Richmond running neck-and-neck, it's hard to say how FRC's anti-Cao gambit will effect the race. For its part, the state GOP remains committed to Cao. This will be an interesting one to watch.For Democrats, it's going to be a tough day. But perhaps they can take solace in knowing they aren't the only ones who, from time to time, eat their own. (H/T Frum.)

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