A Sydney bishop minces no words.

Big news in today's (or, technically, tomorrow's) the Age of Melbourne :

THE Catholic Church is still not serious about confrontingsexual abuse, only "managing" it, according to the Sydney bishopwho headed Australian efforts to tackle abuse.


Bishop Robinson, 70, who was abused as a child, headed theAustralian Catholic Bishops Conference professional standardscommittee for a decade until he retired because he was sodisillusioned in 2004.


He said the response of the church, especially the Vatican, tothe sexual abuse crisis did not go deep enough. "The most profoundfactor about sex is that the church has had a morality for 2000years based on offences against God and I find that quiteinadequate. I ask if we should move to a morality based onrelationships, on good and harm to people."

Bishop Robinson said the Catholic Church centralised too muchpower in the hands of the Pope. "The entire responsibility of thechurch throughout the world to something as big as sexual abusedepended too much on the response of one person."

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