St. Anne, St. Anne, Email Me a Man

I, along with thousands of subscribers, received the following e-mail from the Catholic Match institute this week. I’d like to respond to it publicly, because I think it raises a lot of important questions for young single people grappling with being young and single. And because the author actually asked me a lot of questions.

Dear Kaitlin,

I was driving down the highway as I passed the Shrine of St. Anne, a French gothic church dedicated to the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The gorgeous church reminded me of the prayer, "St. Anne, St. Anne, find me a man." I felt silly praying it, but was willing to try anything at that point.

Don’t feel silly, I can relate. I downloaded Tinder.

As I sped by, I turned up my music and tried not to worry, but I had my doubts and again wondered: Will I ever meet "The One"?

Not if The One meets you first! As U2 once said (Were you listening to U2?): “God moves in mysterious ways.”

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe pull over next time. Don’t just drive by.

Why haven't I met anyone yet?

Well, maybe you need to lower your standards. Have you considered downloading Tinder?

Am I afraid of change?

There’s only one way to find out. A good test is a new haircut. If it scares you, you’re afraid of change. If it doesn’t, push the limits. Maybe shave it all off and see if that scares you.

Am I holding myself back?

Are you holding yourself? This can be comforting.

I hear similar questions from the emails that I receive from you.

I’m so glad you got my emails! I felt so silly (as I’m sure you can understand) telling you all of my secrets.

I hear many of you say that you pray to meet your spouses, you go to Catholic events, you go out on dates. But still haven't met the one you've been waiting for.

You heard me sister. But what if my spouse can’t make it out of the house?

I have often felt like I am waiting for my life to begin. But who says life doesn't begin until I'm married?

I thought you said that, in last week’s email…

What about the things that God wants me to do right now as a single person? Don't wait around. Meet new people, even if it’s uncomfortable. Have the courage to go to that event, even if you don't know anyone else. Prepare for marriage, even if you haven't met anyone yet.

Like cooking?

Let’s start today.

Oh, I see: like online dating.

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