A Shrine Tour

Boston.com has put together a quick photo-essay titled "New England's Catholic shrines" which features eleven different Catholic sites from New Hampshire down to Connecticut. The introduction reads:

They're titanic and tiny. They're tucked between Boston buildings and in the boonies. One stands tall to welcome planes to Boston, and another is home to a rosary that could be the world's biggest.They are New England's Roman Catholic shrines, places that dot the landscape, offering refuge to anyone seeking a place to rest, ruminate, or replenish the spirit. Here are some of the best known.

This article struck me as odd when I first saw it but I guess since it is the Easter season, it makes sense to put something like this together. I was just surprised to see it on Boston.com. It's nice to see some of these more historic sites gather a bit of publicity though.

Marianne L. Tierney is a PhD student in theology at Boston College.

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