Romney's Bane

Now on our home page, E.J. Dionne Jr. on how Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain is wounding him in swing states.

In this year's 12 battleground states, many of which have gotten a heavy run of the anti-Bain ads, only 18 percent viewed Romney's business experience positively; 33 percent viewed it negatively. Obama led Romney by three points nationally but by eight in the battlegrounds.This is disturbing news for Romney, who hoped his business experience would be an unalloyed asset. The numbers also underscore voter resistance to the core conservative claim that job creation is primarily about rewarding wealthy investors and companies through further tax cuts and less regulation. ...The Bain ads have done double-duty, specifically undermining Romney but also serving as a parable for how aspects of the current financial system hurt workers and local communities.

Read the whole thing right here.

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