"Rock" and Roll

It's good to see that the Emmy Award nominations, announced yesterday, once again recognized the quality of NBC's "30 Rock." This hilarious show has nabbed the best comedy Emmy for the past two years, and yesterday it scored big, landing the most-ever nominations (22) for a comedy series.Anyone who hasn't seen this program, in which Tina Fey and other actors conjure up the backstage lunacy of a "Saturday Night Live"-type variety show, should consider obtaining the first two seasons on DVD. (Comedy Central will begin airing the series in syndication in 2011.) "30 Rock" isn't pure fluff: It's also a delightfully zany spoof of corporate culture, commercialism (the barbed product-placement jokes are priceless) and America's obsession with celebrities.

Celia Wren is Commonweal’s media and stage critic.

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