Poem | Beach Haven, New Jersey

(Vivaan Trivedii/Unsplash)

I’m afraid
of who it is
that made
these things.

The surf
repeatedly blasting
the sand
to waste,

the weird slide
of seagulls
the breeze,

the smashed shells,
stranded weeds,
the bells
of shape-shifting

clouds. The all-
maddening sound
of churning.
A will

wrathed with
delirious light
could carve

a foamy,
flickering line
and then expect
small beings

to dance
on it
till death.

Published in the February 2022 issue: 

Magda Andrews-Hoke is a Philadelphia-born poet currently living in St. Andrews, Scotland, where she is pursuing an MLitt in Theology and the Arts. She was a 2019 recipient of the Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship.

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