A Community Afflicted

Even as New York City shows signs of progress, the toll of the coronavirus crisis over the past two months has been high. Hundreds of thousands have been infected, and more than half of the city’s residents say they know someone who’s died from COVID-19.

On this episode, we hear from three different people who’ve been dealing with the impact of the pandemic in New York City: Paul Saunders, a cardiothoracic surgeon in a Brooklyn hospital; Zach Presutti, SJ, founder of a nonprofit serving the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated in the greater New York area; and Fr. Robert Imbelli, a priest living in a retirement community in the Bronx.

Together, they offer a portrait of a city under duress—shaken and afflicted, but not without hope.

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“We’re still very much in the thick of this. And the full impact won’t hit us until after it’s all over.”—Dr. Paul Saunders

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