Play it [Again] Sam

Its good to know that Im not the only Commonwealer who apparently knows every line of Casablanca by heart.  And, yes, it is tempting to put the dialogue from the movie in the mouths of the various characters in the unfolding drama in Cleveland.  But Im going to resist.

I do, however, want to raise an issue that I have not seen addressed thus far in the coverage of the corruption scandal.  

One part of the indictment against Joseph Smith and Anton Zgoznik reads as follows:  From early 1996 through December 2003, Smith caused and induced certain offices and departments of the Diocese and certain of its constituent organizations, including but not limited to the CCA [Catholic Cemeteries Association], the Seminaries, and the Diocesan-owned high schools, to retain the services of the Zgoznik Entities to perform accounting, computer, financial, and other related services, including outsourcing of certain functions previously performed in-house by the Diocese and those constituent organizations.

To read the whole indictment, click here.

The total amount paid by the Diocese and the constituent organizations to Zgoznik entities was $17,533,330.

My question: When the budgets at the seminaries and the high schools were presumably very tight, why did no one question moving work to Zgoznik and associates when moving that work was going to cost so much more?

The trial resumes next Tuesday and Im hoping to get down to the courtroom for a first-hand look at the proceedings.

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