Petraeus video bonanza (UPDATED).

Talking Points Memo has helpfully posted a slew of videos related to the general and his report. Here are a few worth watching.

First up, a snippet from Petraeus's exclusive interview with that bastion of fairminded journalism, Fox News. Take it away, Brit...

Did you catch that? Hume asked Petraeus whether the war in Iraq isn't really a war against Al Qaeda, and the general said that it's a war with Al Qaeda and its "affiliates," which isn't especially true.

Next, here's a clip of Petraeus saying that he doesn't know whether the war in Iraq is making the United States "safer."

Impressively candid, right? Not so fast. Given the opportunity to rethink his answer, Petraeus produced the following clarification.

Ready for that salt lick yet?

Update: I'm going to keep updating this thread as new videos come to my attention. In today's presser, Tony Snow interprets General Petraeus's testimony on troop withdrawal by inverting it:

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