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Supporting the Middle

Regarding Terry Eagleton’s “Was Marx Right?” (April 8): I had thought that what had been making Marx wrong for many decades, at least in the United States, was the emergence of a huge middle class supported by a heavily graduated tax structure. What could make Marx right, at least in the context of the United States, is the continuation of tax cuts for the rich, ever smaller government, and the downsizing of the middle class. There will basically be two classes left, the haves and the have-nots. And what will that situation set the stage for?

I am in favor of heavily graduated taxes, a significant role for government, and policies that support the continued growth, sustenance, and accessibility of a strong middle class. I don’t want Marx to turn out to be correct.

Dennis M. Doyle
Dayton, Ohio


Culture Clash

Regarding Nicholas P. Cafardi’s “Another Long Lent” (April 8): The abuse crisis will continue until we manage to move beyond the clerical culture that sets priests above and apart from the...

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