The Maltese Hawk?

Over at "The Catholic Thing," Hadley Arkes considers his post-election options:

Ive been on the internet, looking at real estate in Malta. Just think, a four-bedroom townhouse, near the new marina, in Zabbar, $350,000 USD (asking). Hmm. It is not only that the outcome of our election portends a moral disaster at several levels. It is that the people around us, our fellow citizens, the people with whom we share control over our lives, have taken leave of their sober judgment, if they had possessed any.

BTW, as noted below, my point in posting this was the contrast with those disillusioned liberals who keep vowing to defect to Canada--but never do! Darn them. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But the Mediterranean? Conservatives know how to live, in exile at least.

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