Making the conclave look good

That sacred body known as the Crown Nominations Commission, a 16-member committee that meets in secret to choose the next Archbishop of Canterbury to head the Anglican Communion, is deadlocked. Via media Reuters:

After three days of talks behind closed doors in an undisclosed location, officials narrowed the field to three candidates, but will need to meet again to finish the job, the Sunday Times said, citing an unnamed senior cleric.The choice of a replacement for Rowan Williams, who steps down in December, is critical for a church in danger of splitting over divisive issues such as gay marriage and senior women clergy, and facing a rising threat from secularism.The Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), a church panel with 16 members whose chairman is appointed by the prime minister, had been expected to pick a preferred candidate and a second choice on Friday, a church source said last week.The names were then due to be passed to Prime Minister David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth, supreme governor of the Church of England, before an official announcement within days, possibly on Wednesday.In a brief statement, the church said a decision would be reached during the autumn. Officials had previously signaled that it could come as early as next week.

I have read that there are some calls for a synod to elect the next ABC. That sounds like a step in the right direction.

David Gibson is the director of Fordham’s Center on Religion & Culture.

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