Has anyone seen the new TV series on NBC called "Kings"? It retells the story of the biblical David in a contemporary alternate-reality.The kingdom of Gilboa is ruled over by King Silas Benjamin (Ian McShane), who has built a great city, Shiloh. While at war with the kingdom of Gath, young David Shepherd (Chris Egan) rescues the king's son and in the process destroys a Goliath tank.You get the idea.I've watched the first couple episodes and am certainly intrigued. The danger, of course, is that it becomes Dallas meets the Book of Samuel, but something tells me that this series wants to go beyond that.This is certainly not TV-as-usual, which makes me fear that the Damoclean sword of cancellation may come down sooner rather than later. But I'm going to keep watching.Here's the trailer:[youtube][/youtube]

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