January 15 issue, now online

We're kicking off 2010 with our Interreligious Issue (full contents here). Online now for everyone to read:* Pulitzer-Prize winner, Commonweal contributor, and once-Catholic Episcopalian Jack Miles's take on Anglicanorum coetibus: "Trading Places"* Jonathan Odell's account of speaking to fundamentalist Christians as a "Southern gay Christian alcoholic": "Coming Home"* Author and funeral director Thomas Lynch's trenchant take on church scandals in the United States and Ireland: "Preaching to Bishops"* Film critic Rand Richards Cooper's review of Up in the Air: "Traveling Light"Subscribers can log in to read James L. Fredericks on the challenges, and necessity, of interreligious dialogue: "No Easy Answers"; Jerry Ryan on Iran's surprising honor to a Catholic scholar: "A Christian & the Qur'an"; our editorial on the urgency of better financial regulations in the wake of the crash: "Too Bad to Forget"; Cathleen Kaveny's column on the principle of "mental reservation," and its misapplications in Ireland: "Truth or Consequences"; and a Last Word from Willard F. Jabusch: "Change in Chile."Plus, book reviews: Francis X. Clooney, SJ, on Luke Timothy Johnson's Among the Gentiles; William Storrar on Bruce Gordon's Calvin; and Lawrence S. Cunningham's latest installment of "Religion Booknotes." And letters!Not a subscriber? It's not too late to make supporting Commonweal your New Year's resolution!

Mollie Wilson O'Reilly is an editor at large and columnist at Commonweal.

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