Issues 2008

Good Reasons to Be Humble
A Foreign-policy Agenda for the Next President
By Anne-Marie Slaughter

Unfinished Business
Revisiting Welfare Reform
By Thomas Massaro

Yes He Can
The Case for Obama
By Robert N. Bellah

The Great Divide
The Crisis of U.S. Military Policy
By Andrew J. Bacevich

They’re Getting Warmer
Religion, Politics & Climate Change
By Eduardo Moisés Peñalver

A Stirring at the Border
Immigration as the Sleeper Issue of the November Election
By Jack Miles

Two Cheers for John McCain
How the Democrats Lost My Vote
By David R. Carlin

Obama & Israel
A Missed Opportunity
By Don Wycliff

Don’t Just Do Something
Getting Sanctions Right
By George A. Lopez

Not Like Us
The Paradoxical U.S.-Europe Relationship
By James J. Sheehan

Health Care for All
Not Cheap, Not Easy, But Possible
By Charles R. Morris

Russia Rising
The Georgian Crisis & U.S. Foreign Policy
By David Holloway

But It Works
Liberals & Welfare Reform
By Robert Cherry

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